Samsung is a leading manufacturer of top of the range air conditioners. Samsung manufactures a range of various electronics for home and commercial use. This leading manufacturer has been in business for over 70 years and has earned its reputation of producing the most cutting edge electronics.

Best air conditioners from Samsung

These are top of the range air conditioners which use the most dynamic technology available today.  Browse our range of Samsung air conditioners and select the one that is most suitable for your needs.

The Aircon Company is an approved provider and supplier of Samsung air conditioners. If you wish, our consultants can come and evaluate your property properly in order to help you make an informed choice when choosing an air condition product for your home or business. The air conditioners are available in a variety of designs with varied capabilities and features to suit your taste, style and to keep you in the loop with the latest cutting edge technology in air conditioning.

Samsung Air Conditioners

With electricity prices ever on the increase, Inverter technology is the way to go. Samsung’s advanced Inverter technology with Smart Saver reduces electricity usage by up to 40%, while still ensuring air circulation as high as 20m³/min (24 000 model), either heating or cooling. A Full HD filter with anti-bacterial coating removes dust and bacteria, ensuring a healthy environment.

  • Attractive matt-white finish harmonises with any decor
  • Advanced Inverter technology saves up to 40% on electricity
  • Heating and cooling
  • Smart Saver
  • Full HD filter with anti-bacterial coating
  • Good Sleep mode
  • Backed nationwide by Fourways Airconditioning


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Available from 9000 to 24 000 Btu/hr, the new R410A Samsung Boracay midwall has a sleek new silhouette and comes complete with all the features that have made Samsung airconditioners top sellers such as Smart Saver, Good Sleep mode and full HD filter with anti-bacterial coating. Plus proven Samsung quality – backed by the nationwide resources of Fourways Airconditioning, with branches in all major metropolitan areas.

  • 4 cooling/heating models from 9000 to 36 000 Btu/h
  • Sleek new design
  • ‘Fast Mode’ for rapid cooling/heating
  • Energy-saving ‘Good Sleep’ mode
  • Full HD filter with multiple purification - removes even the tiniest microscopic airborne particles
  • ‘Auto Clean’ function that ensures unit always stays dry inside – keeps air fresher and cleaner


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With electricity prices constantly on the increase, the modern trend is towards Inverter technology.

The range of Samsung Inverter 4-Way Cassettes is the quality route to air-conditioning of larger upmarket domestic areas or commercial applications.

  • Energy-efficient Inverter heating/cooling for larger areas
  • Available in sizes from 24 000 BTU to 48 000 BTU
  • Single and 3-phase models
  • 50-75m piping length to outdoor unit/30m elevation
  • Environmentally-friendly R410A gas
  • Supported nationwide by Samsung Air

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Samsung quality and energy efficient Inverter technology ensure economical, reliable aircoditioning of large areas.

Wherever ducted airconditioning is called for, Samsung Inverter MSP is the logical choice. Thanks to highly-efficient Inverter technology, electricity usage is kept to a minimum, while R410A gas ensures eco-friendliness.

  • Top-quality energy-efficient Inverter Ducted heating/cooling
  • Available in 6 models
  • Single and 3-phase models
  • 50m to 75m piping length to outdoor unit/30m elevation
  • Environmentally-friendly R410A gas
  • Supported nationwide by Samair


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